Privacy Policy

TCall's privacy policy is simple and straight forward: We do not mine; we do not profile; we do not sell; and we do not transfer your communication data to anyone. We only store and collect what is technically required to enable and improve our services. You can be assured that we value and protect your private communication data as best as technically possible.

Activity Information: when you use TCall services, we collect some activity information such as the log file for billing (if applicable), technical support, and improving the quality of service on our system. Such information includes, but not limited to, call duration, location, IP address, device information etc.

For point-to-point communication (communication between 2 users), the content of what you communicate is encrypted and we do not collect or decrypt such data. The contents of what you communicated is yours and would remain private to you and the user you communicated to.

For group-communication, the contents of what you communicate will pass through our server simply because of the technical requirement to facilitate a group-communication. That data will remain encrypted. We do not mine, sell, or transfer such information.

When you first use TCall services, you are required to provide your mobile phone number and, if you choose, the log-in credentials from other online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Such information is collected only to authenticate that you are the owner of the account. Additionally, to build a TCall address book on your device, we also require access to your contact list. However, your contact list will not be stored on our server unless you are using the same account on multiple devices. In that case, we will store your contact list on our server so we can synchronize it to multiple devices linked to your account. If you are using our teleconference service, we also require access to your calendar.

We may offer services that require access to the GPS coordination of your devices. If you’re elected to use such services, we would also require access to your GPS coordination on your devices.

TCall strives to provide the best services to you. As such, we are constantly adding and/or removing functionality and features and we reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at anytime.

Last updated: January 03, 2019.